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Two Minute Tuesday

Thoughts on Volunteers

There were an army of volunteers at the US Finals in Lexington, Kentucky. All had smiles on their faces and were eager to help. Just like our volunteers here at home in Stillwater.

When you enter a show, you pay your money, you haul in, you ride, you leave. None of this would be possible without that volunteer standing in the wind/rain/snow/freezing cold/summer heat to aid you in your journey. This Thanksgiving season we need to take moment to reflect on what volunteering can bring to our lives.

When you volunteer it is a great opportunity for a free education. If you work the gate, you will learn all about the rules - who knew what bits were not legal??? If you scribe, you get to sit with a judge and learn first hand what is expected. Talk about a free clinic! If you work the warm up you can analyze horse/rider combos, compare your thoughts on their warm with how they scored in their tests. Develop your eye for what you want to become.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with old friends. Looking for a new horse - it's a great place to network. It is a great way to exercise - lots of steps without going to the gym. And we really aren't the kind of people that like to sit on the couch and eat cookies, right? Central Plains will make sure you are fed - just in case you are hungry....

Volunteer hours are especially important if you are interested in applying for grants and scholarships. Most require a history of dedication to the sport.

In the coming year, be sure to thank a volunteer. And remember, the best way to say thank you is to volunteer your time also. Central Plains recognizes that our volunteers are the backbone of this organization and we say "Thank YOU!" for making the club a huge success.

Janelle Williams

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