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What is Central Plains Dressage Society?

Central Plains Dressage Society is a Group Member Organization (GMO) of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF). CPDS is a club for dressage enthusiasts, including those who may not think of themselves as “dressage people” like eventers or working equitation riders.

What makes CPDS different from other GMOs?

We’re a group that’s inclusive to riders of all types and abilities, and we seek to encompass a variety of dressage-based disciplines. This includes western dressage, working equitation, and para-dressage. For traditional, western, and para-dressage riders, CPDS hosts many schooling and recognized shows.

CPDS has a unique organizational perspective. We encourage member participation through a committee-based structure. This allows members to gather a group and develop a new program or one-time event. Volunteering is always encouraged for those who want to help with existing programs, too!

When was CPDS formed?

CPDS was established in 2017.

Who are your board members?

Kathy Maxwell - President

Holly Luke - Vice President

Nancy Eytcheson - Secretary

Annie Houchin - Treasurer/Membership

Member at Large - Christina Harmon

Member at Large - Kim Beard

Do I need to register my horse with CPDS?

Horse registrations are not required.

How much is the membership fee?

Individual memberships are $50, family memberships (2 members) are $65, and junior memberships are $35.

How are your fees used?

Twenty four dollars of the membership fee goes directly to USDF. The remainder of the fee is used for hosting educational events, social events, awards, and shows.

What is the membership year?

The membership year runs from December 1 to November 30.

What are the benefits of joining a GMO?

There are dozens of benefits of joining a GMO! You’ll have a voice at the national and local level, interact with a group of like-minded people, have the opportunity to participate in educational events (often at a discounted rated), and receive discounts from a variety of USDF affiliates.

Can I belong to more than one GMO?

Of course! There’s no limit to how many GMOs you can belong to; USDF will also issue you a partial refund if you are a member of more than one GMO. You can request your refund between April 1 and August 1 using this form: Request for Refund of Multiple GMO Dues

What is the age for “Vintage”?

The minimum age for a “vintage” rider is 50 years old.

Can I be a “Vintage” and an “Amateur”?/Can I be a “Vintage” and an “Open”?

Yes! Just mark both on your membership application.

I don’t have a USDF number. What should I put on the membership form?

If you have never been a member of any GMO, leave this blank. You’ll receive a number once your application is processed by USDF. You’ll receive a card in the mail from USDF with your number on it. If you’ve been issued a USDF number and have forgotten it, you can look it up (and reprint your membership card) at the USDF website:

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