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2024 Year End Award Program

Rules and Eligibility

·You must be a member of the Central Plains Dressage Society (CPDS) to participate in the program. Scores earned prior to joining CPDS WILL count as long as the rider is a member by April 1, 2024. After April 1, 2024 scores will only count if the rider is a CPDS member. In other words, you may join in June and still be eligible for year end awards. But only scores earned after the date you join will be recorded. We are offering multiple sets of awards

  • ·Scores are earned by the rider.  A horse may be ridden by more than one rider and a rider may use more than one horse.

  • ·Awards are based on a median percentage.  Scores can be from any test of the level and riding the top test of the level is not required.

  • ·Scores may only be earned at CPDS shows. CPDS is offering 6 USEF/USDF shows; 6 USEF Lite Western dressage shows, and many schooling shows.

Scores and Divisions


  • All scores are recorded. The median score of the top 6 scores (unless noted below) will be used to calculate placings. All other scores will be dropped.

  • Minimum number of scores required:

    • Equitation(recognized shows only) – 3 scores 

    • Introductory through second level dressage – 7 scores

    • Introductory and Training Level Schooling Shows 10 & under and 8 & under – 5 scores

    • Third level, Fourth level, Prix St Georges, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Grand Prix – 3 scores

    • Sport horse in hand (schooling shows only) and musical freestyle – 4 scores

    • Western dressage introductory through level 1 –7 scores

    • Western dressage level 2, 3, 4 and freestyle – 4 scores

    • A minimum overall median score is required to earn a CPDS year-end award. That minimum is 57% for all levels.


  • Scores are updated after each show and will be posted on Awards will be presented at a CPDS party in November/December, date to be determined.

  • Awards will include: Champion, Reserve, 3rd through 6th place. Divisions are: Open, Junior; Amateur in all categories. Schooling show awards will also include 8 & under and 10 & under for introductory and training level.

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